Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. If you are working inside you will need to hire a battery machine. If you are working outside you will need a diesel aerial platform.
If there are obstacles in the way, such as a low wall, you will need an articulated boom lift or even one of our specialised machines.
If you have a tow bar you can easily transport a trailer-mounted powered access machine.
If you are working on soft ground or need to negotiate steps you need to use a powered access machine with crawler tracks.
We have a range of lightweight machines. You will need to check the weight restrictions on the floor and match it with an aerial platform that suits.
It is the hirer’s responsibility to make sure the correct insurances are in place.
Use the following as your guide. In order to go straight up you need to use a battery scissor lift or a diesel scissor lift. If you are reaching out you will need an articulated boom lift or a stick boom machine. Try our Find a Machine facility to find the most suitable cherry picker or powered access machine for your needs.
If you are working at various locations you need a vehicle-mounted machine.
We hire vehicle-mounted machines with an operator by the hour. Check out our Height for Hire Express service for special offers. Lo-call 1890 222 835 (ROI only).
If you are working on uneven ground you will need an access machine with outriggers. Check the location to make sure you have enough room to extend the outriggers.
If there is narrow access to your location you need a specialised machine - take a look at our Find a Machine section.

You should consider the following:

  • What is the access like between the machine’s drop-off point and working location?
  • Are there steps or pinch-points along the way?
  • Do you have a floor with a specific weight restriction?
  • What is the voltage - 110v or 220v?
  • Check for cables overhead.